4th order consequences…


Politicians pontificate about gun control and the banning of assault weapons with each proposing more draconian restrictions on ownership of “assault style” weapons and high capacity magazines. With diminished trust of the federal government, concerned Americans buy assault weapons and ammo in record numbers. Average waiting time for delivery of new rifles stretches to over 12 months.

As the availability of weapons and ammunition from the United States is compromised, Mexican drug cartels must source weapons from other than U.S. suppliers. For some cartels aligned with the Mexican government, weapons can be procured from the Mexican military, but for others, weapons have to come from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Venezuela, Columbia, etc., or more recently from Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Foreign sourced, military quality weapons markets facilitate the cartels’ acquisition of military weapons, including fully automatic assault weapons, belt-fed squad weapons, RPGs, hand grenades, land mines, etc. With the acquisition of military grade weapons, a cartel versus cartel arms race becomes a real possibility for Mexico.


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Developer of technical solutions working the combiniantion of the long tail, IP level granularity, commercial off the shelf, non-proprietary, open source, and thin client environment.
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