It is to be discussed, thought, argued,…..but most of all, it is to be done.

This site, and this organization, are dedicated to researching, developing, refining, sharing, and deploying remarkable solutions to real world problems. It is our conviction that remarkable solutions must start with subjecting concepts, doctrines, methods, and best practices (solutions) to rigorous examination and scrutiny.

Our methods:

Gather solutions by researching, listening, reading, and combining/compiling – know what is possible.

Publish, share, and teach to help agencies, organizations, and governments move out of the traps and dead ends of conventional solutions – make known what is possible.

Create and develop innovative solutions that enable the delivery of metafacts and artifacts for agile problem solving – find the doable in the possible.

Facilitate agile problem solving by answering with facts, and tactics the questions of how, who, where, and at what cost – show/teach/prove how it is doable.

Combine and deliver the best innovative solutions for results – make it happen.

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